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First Time Patients Can Save $100 Off Their First Appointment

This is the Southport Weight Loss clinic offer for new weight loss clients. First time clients can receive $100 off their first appointment. To receive this discount new clients simply need to call and make and schedule an appointment. When you make the appointment, mention where you saw this offer, and you will save $100.

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The Initial Weight Loss Consultation

Your first weight loss consultation at the Southport Weight Loss clinic will be as simple as any other doctor visit. Some pre-screening takes place over the phone when you call for that first appointment. Although rare, if there is anything that prohibits your use of the therapy, it’s best to discover it early on.

Once you visit, the doctor and his team will use that first consultation to take a thorough medical history, discuss your past approaches to weight loss, and share any issues you may have experienced with programs you’ve tried.

Our IWC team is highly trained, professional, and compassionate. There is no judgment, and all questions will be patiently and thoroughly answered. It is their privilege to educate and coach you to success. The licensed medical doctor on-site will look at your medical history, BMI and weight, and any other relevant data, and recommend the starting dose. This protocol starts slow, not because it isn’t safe, but because it’s been proven to be more successful if the body can adjust slowly to the changes.

On your first visit to our clinic, you will be seen by our weight loss experts to discuss any health concerns, outline your history of weight gain and loss and receive the first dose of this protein-based therapy. Initial doses start at 25%. We start slow, not because it isn’t safe, but because long-term success is always more likely when you give your body time to adjust to anything new.

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How To Save $100 On The First Weight Loss Appointment

Our clinic offers first time clients a $100 discount off their first weight loss appointment. When you call to schedule your initial appointment, all you need to do is mention that you saw this offer and you will receive the discount.

Our medical weight loss program has been designed to be affordable and easy to follow. The $100 savings makes it even easier for new clients to get started on this program without the worry about the cost to continue. The first appointments are affordable and the follow up visits are also reasonably priced so clients can reach their weight loss goals without financial limitations.

Our clinic offers first time clients a $100 discount off their first weight loss appointment. When you call to schedule your initial appointment, all you need to do is mention that you saw this offer and you will receive the discount.

To schedule an appointment call Southport Weight Loss today. Call (463) 500-1620.

This offer is for new clients only and cannot be combined with other offers.

Our doctor prescribed weight loss program serves clients from these Southport, Indiana areas:

Mile Square, Southport, Fountain Square, Traders Point, Haughville, Decatur, Christian Park, Woodruff Place, Sebring Court, Bates-Hendricks, Meridian-Kessler, Martindale – Brightwood, Lockerbie Square, Lockerbie, Scarborough Lake, Butler-Tarkington, Fletcher Place, Chapel Glen, West Southport, Fall Creek Place, Fall Creek, Eagledale, Old Northside, Herron Morton, North Willow Farms, Lake Maxinhall Estates, Chatham-Arch, Irvington Historic District, Lake Kesslerwood, Kesslerwood, Cameron Meadows, Westchester Estates, Westchester, Drexel Gardens, Steinmeier Estates, Steinmeier, Windham Lake, Windham, Devington, Hill Valley Estates, Hill Valley, St. Joseph Historic Neighborhood, Park Fletcher, Ransom Place, Ransom, Snacks / Guion Creek, Brendonwood, Cole-Noble District, Cole-Noble, Oliver Johnson’s Woods, Park Valley Estates, Park Valley, Camby, Ballinshire Estates/ Cobblestone, Historic Meridian Park, Meridian Park, Liberty Creek North, Avon Creek Estates, Avon Creek, Chapel Hill Village, Kessler Commons, Raymond Park, Beaumont on the Green

New Client Discount

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